Q1: What is metal recycling?
A: Metal recycling is a process whereby materials which can no longer be used for their original purpose are collected and sent where they can be transformed into something usable again. When you recycle your unwanted non-ferrous metals at LSM Metal Ace, you will not only put cash in your pocket: you will also be doing your part to help the environment.

Q2: Why metal recycling is so important?
A: Metal in particular can be recycled over and over again, making this type of recycling one of the most practical and common-sense solutions to preserving the earth's finite resources. The world's supply of metals is finite, and some are at risk of running out in the next several decades: this is why recycling as much as possible is so important.

Q3: Are the materials that come from recycled materials of lesser quality than origin ore?
A: Absolutely not! And using recycled metals as much as possible rather than new ore has many benefits:
•    Precious natural resources are preserved for future generations
•    Energy usage is drastically reduced
•    Carbon emissions are cut: as an example, a ton of recycled aluminum can save nearly 8 tons of emissions

Q4: What are the other benefits of metal recycling?
A: Most households and even many businesses are not recycling metals as much as they could be simply because they don't realize how many goods are actually recyclable! When you recycle more you'll be helping to:
•    Keep overall prices of goods lower
•    Reduce unnecessary landfill waste
•    Doing your part to promote sustainability and reduce energy consumption

Q5: Do you accept whole cars for recycling purposes?
A: No, we do not. But we do accept many different types oil-free car parts that contain non-ferrous metal materials such as titanium, lead, aluminum, and other valuable resources. We use state-of-the-art technologies to determine exact metal content of the items you bring to us and will give you the current market price per pound for each item. You are advices to call us directly for more specifics regarding car part recycling.

Q6: Do you pick up household consumer recycling metals?
A: We only provide pickup service for larger lot commercial and industrial customers in LSM Metal Ace. However, we encourage household scrap customers to drop off all materials at our convenient collection station during regular business hours, where the goods will be tested and weighed: and you will be paid on-the-spot. Don't trash it: cash it!

Q7: What is the process for paper recycling?
A: Recyclable papers are mixed together with water in a pulper and broken down into small fibers. The mixture is then sent through screens and other separation processes to remove ink, dirt, metal, and other contaminants. Water is removed from the clean pulp mixture and the fibers are formed into new paper.

Q8: What kinds of metal can be recycled?
A: Common examples include aluminum and tin/steel cans, and cars. However, the process of metal recycling is not as simple as ‘melt it’, materials science knowledge is needed. There are two viewpoints to the recycling process, the recycling of individual metals, and the recycling of whole products.